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Acts Chapter 22; Paul’s Conversion Testimony

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Luke Chapter 2. Simeon’s Prophecy

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Acts Chapter 13 Paul’s sermon at Antioch

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Leviticus Chapter 9:15 to 10:3 Moses and Aaron present the offerings for the people to God.

 Aaron's two oldest sons, Nadab & Abihu, decide to offer their own way and God kills them.

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Exodus Chapter 14; The Parting of the Red Sea

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Exodus Chapter 12; The 10th Plague and Passover

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Psalms 32; The Blessedness of Forgiveness

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Mathew 27, Verses 46-52; The Crucifixion

Jesus dies on the cross to save the world from our sins. He paid the price of death for us.

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Your Thoughts Control Your Destiny

Outside of “Jesus is Lord”, this is probably the most important thing I ever learned. Your thoughts control your destiny. Earl Nightingale said it this way, “You become what you think about.” I tell it this way. Your thoughts create your actions, your actions create your habits, your habits create character, and your character creates your destiny.

Actually the Bible says,

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts”. Proverbs 4:23 (TEV)

Therefore, you must control your thoughts. Immediately dismiss any evil or negative thoughts. Bu the best way to control your thoughts is to control what goes into you mind. Be careful of what you read, what TV shows and movies you watch, and who you spend time with.

Decide who you want to be and then control your mental input. Remember, GIGO, garbage in, garbage out.

God Bless,
Larry Steele

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